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Jiangyin Excellong New Materials Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of microporous thermal insulation materials among the industry. Since its establishment in 2002, it has independently developed a series of microporous thermal insulation materials: composite reflected thermal insulation panel (flat type) and microporous thermal insulation board, mainly applied in high-temperature heat preservation fields of iron and steel smelting, electrolytic aluminium, industry furnace, industrial pipeline.
In a long time, we provided the following services to ensure our customers' benefits:
Professional design of the best high-temperature thermal insulation scheme - tailored microporous thermal insulation materials for customers - high-effective and professional construction of thermal insulation materials at the site - track test of real-time insulting effect, systematic analysis of economic benefits and provide feedbacks for customers.
Depending on the perfect quality management system, we constantly provide premium-quality products and services for customers, including the selection of raw materials, the product manufacturing process of the production line, strict ex-factory inspection, as well as on-site construction and installation, that reflect a sufficient respect for customers' benefit.