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For thermal insulation materials, heat movement mainly has three means:

  1. Heat Conduction:mainly finish with solid parts (particle section) in thermal insulation materials;
  2. Heat Convection:mainly finish with air chamber in thermal insulation materials;
  3. Heat Radiation:finish with metal gaps that have radial shield and high reflectivity.

Nano thermal insulation material is made from nano porous micro powder particles and foil-based materials that have heat shield function, and is manufactured after a special process through inorganic additives and efficient binder, its thermal insulation principles are as follows:

1)Heat Conduction: sectional area of porous micro powder particles and contact area between particles is very small; its heat conductivity is low;
2)Heat Convection: compact structure between microporous particles, the air is hard to flow within the gap, it is difficult for heat convection;
3) Thermal Radiation: multi-layer metal foil with alpha ray shield and high reflectivity can effectively cut off and reflect thermal radiation.