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EXCELLONG® microporous thermal insulation materials
microporous thermal insulation material is a high-temperature thermal insulation material with high performance and high quality and composited in multi-layer metal foils using hollow particles of micro nano silicon powder, its thermal insulation performance is three times to four times than traditional fiber heat preservation material, is the best thermal insulation material until now. Thin microporous thermal insulation material with low conductivity factor is applied in high-temperature devices which are subject to the thickness and weight of thermal insulation materials, and is the best, even the only choice.
Material specifications 
EXCELLONG®-1100 panel is a microporous thermal insulation material with high strength and elasticity and is composited with Nano silicon powder, metal aluminum foil, fiber cloth and fiber yarn. Its surface is metal aluminium foil, and back is fiber yarn.
EXCELLONG®-100 flat is a material with a layer of aluminum foil fiber cloth on EXCELLONG®-1100 panel to strengthen its toughness for its application in crooked pipelines or other abnormal devices.
Advantages and performance 
■  Low heat conductivity
■  No dust on the face
■   Better processing ability
■  High fracture toughness and flexibility
■   Stickiness on the face of fiber yarn convenient for construction and installation